International Companies Agency

COMETAL represents in Spain to several major international companies with proven reliability and warranty.


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With over 150 long years of experience in the manufacturing of carbon and graphite products supplemented periodically with technological upgrades and innovations, Graphite COVA ranks among the most respected suppliers of graphite electrodes, speciality carbon and graphite products as well as performance enhancing coating technology for graphite electrodes.

Guizhou Ninefive International Trade Co.,Ltd

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Guizhou Ninefive was established in 2000 as an international trading company mainly dealing with metallurgic and chemical materials. Among our products we offer Ferro Phosphorus, natural barites powder, kaolin clay, etc.

HOESCH Metallurgie GmbH

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HOESCH develops products for the foundry industry based on the principle that every customer is unique. The result is integrated solutions as individual as the customer. HOESCH products are founded on the highest quality standards, total reliability and the very best technology available.

Maschinenfabrik Lauffer GmbH & Co. KG

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Founded in 1872, LAUFFER designs and builds hydraulic presses for different applications and industries. Thousands of our presses and systems are in use with our customers world-wide, 365 days per year. The LAUFFER portfolio encompasses the whole range - from single presses to fully automated press systems. Our business units serve the metal forming and powder metal industry, the plastics- and rubber processing industry as well as the electronics- and packaging industry.

Liaoyang International Boron Alloys Co. Ltd.

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Liaoyang International Boron Alloys Co.,Ltd(LIB) is a joint -venture company which has a long history of scientific research and production of Ferroboron and Boron series alloys with its advanced technology. It' s located in the central of Liaodong Peninsula with a very convenient inland, ocean or air transportation.LIB is one of the major largest manufacturers of Ferroborn in the world with annual capacity of Boron series alloys 6000 tons. Products are well sold both in domestic market and abroad, covering the domestic market more than 80%, export takes more than 50% of the total output, mostly to the U. S. A, Japan, Korea and Europe, etc.

MEC Metal Exchange International GmbH

MEC Metal Exchange International GmbH

Since its founding in 1974 as a private company, Metal Exchange Corporation has evolved into a very diverse supplier, processor, and purchaser of metals. Based in St. Louis Missouri, USA, they are actively conducting business in 30 countries with offices and representatives strategically located throughout the world permanently active in many metals, raw materials and products.

Nimag Group of Companies Pty. Ltd.

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The Nimag Group of Companies can trace its origins back to 1962, where the manufacture of Nickel Magnesium Master Alloys commenced in the small town of Magaliesburg, some 75km west of Johannesburg, South Africa. The group's focus remain the production of high quality master alloy to meet customer prescribed specification.

Optical Surface Technologies

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Optical Surface Technologies (OST) is the leading European producer of cerium oxide based glass polishing powders. OST is a division of London & Scandinavian Metallurgical Co Limited (LSM), which is part of AMG - the Advanced Metallurgical Group.

Perlitsan Industrial Raw Materials & Mining Inc.

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As Turkey, has 70% of world perlite reserves, Perlitsan started its perlite mining operations and established its processing plant in Bergama, Izmir, Turkey.

Given its low density, many commercial applications for perlite have developed which include, e.g. perlites for metallurgical, agricultural use as well as for cryogenic insolation and construction applications .

The perlites for metallurgical applications are being used as slag binders with excellent results in many iron and steel foundries.

Rio Tinto Metal Powders Co. Ltd.

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'From Ore To Powder, To Meet Your Requirements'

Rio Tinto Metal Powders (RTMP, formerly QMP), registered ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS16949, is the only major powder producer in the world to manufacture iron powder from low residual ore. Consequently, RTMP offers exceptional consistency in their full range of iron and steel powders including ATOMET™ & FLOMET, pre-alloyed and diffusion & organic bonded grades for customers worldwide.