Our International Activities / EURmetal

Our international activity and EURmetal Advisory

Besides our strong presence at the level of the Iberian Peninsula and due to the nature of our business, COMETAL has always maintained a strong international presence and has managed to gather a considerable experience. COMETAL is aware that even many years of experience do not allow to bring the sources of commodities supply closer to global markets without a commitment to support local production activities.

Consequently, and along with projects to promote local production activities of raw materials through global supply agreements and pre-financing, COMETAL has committed capital in both mining as well as production facilities in Southern Africa and Latin America marketing their products worldwide.

In order to enhance investments in this sector, EURmetal offers its experience and advisory service to all the partners in the value chain between the raw material source and the final end customer as well as opening a door to the financial sector and investors into physical raw materials.

EURmetal Advisory:


• Due Diligence/advisory in Metal and Mineral investments.

• Off-take agreements and trade financing.

• Co-investment.

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A Strategic Alliance between Cometal and Sánchez & Lehmann.


In Africa, our company participates in Zimbabwe Alloys Ltd (Zimalloys) which produces chromium ferroalloys such as Ferro Silico Chrome and Charge Chrome in its own manufacturing facilities located in Gweru. Zimalloys also has its own chrome ore mines with large reserves of excellent quality.

Latin America

Through our subsidiary in Latin America we promote in Bolivia local activities in production and marketing, concentration and processing of ores and concentrates of Antimony, Bismuth, Tin, Tantalum and Tungsten fundamentally.