COMETAL offers services of collection and recycling of WEEE, Batteries and Solar Panels 08/10/2012

COMETAL offers together with its partners ACCUREC, SIMS RECYCLING SOLUTIONS and WIREC the ideal service for the recycling of Wastes of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), Batteries and Solar Panels.

____ WHAT WE OFFER:____

Collection and recycling of WEEE, batteries and solar panels:

√ In fully authorized recycling facilities located in the EU, with state of the art technologies.

√ Only duly authorized residues managers in every step of the recycling chain.

√ With total traceability from the residue collection until the final recycling, issuing corresponding certification.

√ In most advantageous economic conditions depending on the amount and type of residue delivered, owners of such residues usually are paid for the collected material.


COMETAL is supplying raw materials to the metallurgical sector since 50 years; it is also an authorized dealer for residues, selling raw materials reclaimed from the recycling of WEEE and batteries. It manages the commercial and logistics coordination as well as obtaining permits for the transboundary transports of residues in accordance with the European Regulations ensuring full transparency and traceability in the process.

SIMS RECYCLING SOLUTIONS is the largest worldwide manager of WEEE and recycles more than 475,000 metric tons per year of electrical and electronic equipment (the equivalent of 30 million PC’s), 350,000 of which in the European Union.

ACCUREC (Germany) is a company leader in Europe in the recycling of batteries, primarily of Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and more recently lithium ion, as well as solar panels based on proprietary technologies.

WEEE INTERNATIONAL RECYCLING,(WIREC) has industrial facilities with 17,000 m2 located in Zaragoza, and is responsible for the collection, warehousing and dismantling of residues and its transport to the recycling facilities of ACCUREC and SIMS RECYCLING SOLUTIONS, mainly in Germany and the UK.

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