Exclusive Agency Agreement with m-tec wire GmbH and m-tec powder GmbH 03/03/2020

COMETAL is proud to announce that it has signed an agreement with the German companies m-tec wire GmbH and m-tec powder GmbH as its exclusive agent for Spain and Portugal for their product range.

m-tec wire GmbH and m-tec powder GmbH are both part of the German group m-tec. The group’s principal activity is the supply of additives, mainly for the steel industry. m-tec wire GmbH is the m-tec business unit specialised in cored wires, supplying all types of cored wires for the steel industry on a worldwide basis, The main focus is high-performance cored wires for the calcium treatment of molten steels. For some wires, welding technology is used. Wires with welded sheath provide a significantly higher performance compared to all other Ca-containing wires. Special attention is drawn to Max-Cal® wire made of an extruded calcium rod which provides high and very stable metallurgical performances in liquid steel.

m-tec powder GmbH is a specialist in the field of powder metallurgy, focusing on the production of innovative reagents for hot metal desulphurisation and trading of Magnesium, chips and ingots for various applications in different industries. Furthermore m-tec powder GmbH together with its two production plants in South Africa is able to offer a full range of Aluminium powders (chemistry, grain size distribution and shape).

Through this new exclusive agency, we offer innovative, reliable and flexible supply of high-quality products for our Spanish and Portuguese cored wire and metallurgy powder customers.

For more information, please refer to the web page of m-tec: