Just the next week! 24/05/2013

With only one week to go until the second REACH deadline, all registrants should be making the final arrangements for the submission of their dossier.

We resume for you next the main statements you will find at ECHA’s website about this issue, the complete information can be found clicking at the attached link.

Registrants who still have difficulties in meeting certain registration requirements can contact the ECHA Helpdesk, and ECHA will provide a response as soon as possible, usually within five working days.

If there are data sharing disputes, ECHA has provisions in place to assist registrants. However, registrants are reminded that a dispute should be submitted only as a last resort. Further information and web forms to submit a dispute are available on ECHA's website.

In case you experience technical difficulties when submitting your dossier, you are encouraged to contact ECHA’s Helpdesk as soon as possible.. Additionally, ECHA will monitor the submissions and will be ready to contact companies directly and provide help with specific submission issues. Therefore, it is important that your contact information is up to date in REACH-IT.

If you fail the technical completeness check (TCC) undertaken by ECHA, you will receive a letter in your REACH-IT account. The letter will include instructions on how to proceed, including a timeframe to resubmit your dossier (usually four months). This means that, in such cases, the resubmission can happen after 1 June 2013. Should your registration fail the TCC for a second time, it will be rejected.