REACH Update 11/07/2013

2.923 more chemicals registered by industry under REACH.

By the second REACH deadline, 9.084 registration dossiers have been submitted by 3.215 companies to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

The final number of successful registrations and substances submitted will be available in early September when all dossiers have been processed.

The second REACH registration deadline was on 31 May 2013, covering ‘phase-in’ substances manufactured or imported in the EU at tonnages between 100 and 1000 tons per year, except for the most hazardous substances, which were registered in 2010. ‘Phase-in’ substances are those that have long been on the European market or what is the same “existing substances”.

Most of the substances were registered by groups of companies working together in joint submissions (82%). The joint submissions have one lead registrant and, on average, 3 members.

Since the start of REACH in 2008, a total of 6.598 substances have been registered. The last REACH registration deadline for substances manufactured or imported in the EU at or above one ton a year is 31 May 2018

Detailed registration statistics are published on ECHA's website: