Chemicals Products


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COMETAL completes its product portfolio with a number of chemicals for various applications. Within this kind of products you will find the high purity vanadium salts from GfE mbH Gesellschaft für Elektrometallurgie (Ammonium Metavanadate, Sodium Metavanadate, Ammonium Polivanadate and Vanadium Pentoxide) used as raw materials in the manufacture of frits for glazes and ceramic industry, electronic components, dyes and also in the glass industry. Also for the glass industry COMETAL offers different formulations of Cerium Oxide manufactured by Optical Surface Technologies for polishing of various glass components: From the merely decorative ones to those used in the most advanced technologies such as optical lenses, optical fibre, acrylic plates, etc. We found in this section other products such as Calcium Cyanamide, used as low cost nitrating agent used in the steel industry.

Also we supply Antimony Trioxide which main application is as flame retardant.