Ferroalloys Lumpy

The commercialization of a wide range of ferroalloys both for the steel industry and for the foundry industry represents today the most important activity of COMETAL. Among our businesses we would highlight our activity in different types of Ferro Chrome, relying in part on the products of our company in which we participate in Zimbabwe Alloys Ltd.

Ferroalloys are generally employed to add certain chemical elements into molten metal, usually during steelmaking; these added elements bestow different important characteristics to alloyed steel and cast iron.

As our core activity is related to ferroalloys, we offer a broad portfolio of products in lumpy form or cored wire in order to serve our clients the quality they need at very competitive prices.

COMETAL Lumpy Ferroalloys Portfolio:

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At the left of each link appear some boxes representing the cells of the periodic table where the constituent elements of the product are placed: in these boxes, together with the corresponding element symbol, appear some figures whose meaning is explained in this example.

Ferro Phosphorus

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Ferro Molybdenum

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