Foundry Products

COMETAL offers a complete range of products available to its customers to solve their needs. Our catalogue for iron foundries for both gray and nodular cast iron manufacturing, for steel foundries, for aluminium foundries and powder metallurgy sector, the wide range of refractory products and the PC software programs for casting conform a very wide range of possibilities among which to choose.

Iron and Steel Foundries

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The products of COMETAL for cast iron, for both GJS and GJV production, and for cast steel cover all the industry requirements: Ferro alloys and metals,cored wire treatments, in grain inoculants, GERMALLOY in mould inoculants for GJS and OPTIGRAN for GJV, FeSiMg, NiMg or CuMg based nodulizers, cleaning and preconditioning agents, DURRANS recarburizers, spheroidal and angular cast iron abrasives and other products such as chromite sand, calcium carbide, silicon carbide, cerium mischmetal, Calzot, etc.

Aluminium Foundries

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COMETAL offers to the aluminium foundry industries, for primary aluminium as well as for secondary aluminium its complete products portfolio with: Primary aluminium alloys, mother alloys, alloying tablets, metals such as silicon and magnesium, melt treatment products, grain refiners, PAF for the reduction in Mg content, CuP alloys, etc.

Refractory Products

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In the field of refractories for casting, COMETAL offers the full range of products Dörentrup Feuerfestprodukte GmbH & Co. KG as a result from more than 100 years of experience supplying refractories for foundries focusing on innovation. Its development department also has a pilot smelter which allows you to test any materials in conditions very similar to the use of our customers.