Aluminium Foundries

COMETAL offers to the aluminium foundry sector, both primary and secondary, a complete range of aluminium products comprising: primary aluminium alloys, master alloys, alloying tablets, such as silicon and magnesium metals, fluxes, grain superb refining, PAF for the removal of Mg in casting, CuP alloys, etc.

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Alloyed Primary Aluminium

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Other Products

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COMETAL completes its range of products for the aluminium foundries with a very comprehensive range of special products:

• Alloying tablets of Cr, Mn, Fe, Cu and Ni, both with and without flux.
• Mother alloys based on Zr, V, Ti, Sr, Si, Ni, Mn, Mg, Fe, Cu, B, Sb and other elements.
• Grain refining agents based on Ti, B and Al and other refiners.
• Fluxes treatment designed for both primary and secondary aluminum and aluminum broths generally used for the production of alloys and semiproducts.
• Powdered, granulated or in tablet products for cleaning, grain modifying, deslagging, refining and degassing.
• Potassium aluminium fluoride (PAF) to reduce the magnesium content of the melt

• Other Products.