Powder Metallurgy

COMETAL offers products for the manufacture of welding electrodes as well as products of Rio Tinto QMP for sintering, both of them make up an absolutely complete range for all applications of Powder Metallurgy. Also supply hydraulic presses LAUFFER for calibration and sizing.

Sintering Powders

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COMETAL offers the Rio Tinto QMP iron and steel powders portfolio. QMP, part of the Rio Tinto Goup, is the only major powder producer in the world, to manufacture powder that is entirely sourced from a consistent, single ore base. Consequently, Rio Tinto QMP powders offer exceptional cleanliness and consistency. Our goal is to help our customers produce better quality parts by ensuring that the powder is of the highest quality. Rio Tinto QMP offers a full range of powder grades for virtually all PM applications. The product data reported by Rio Tinto QMP represents typical values obtained in their own test laboratories and are not intended to duplicate any specific customers test results. Rio Tinto QMP strongly suggests that each customer thoroughly test the prospective QMP product in their own manufacturing facility to determine the actual suitability of the QMP product in their specific application.

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Flux for welding electrodes

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It is superfluous to emphasize the importance of the materials constituting a welding electrode. If the base metal must surely be the one that is suitable for the material on the surface over which it will deposit, the importance of the coating is also crucial, both to achieve adequate ionization of the air favors the arc stability and to create an appropriate layer of molten slag which protects the weld properly. COMETAL offers a complete range of products for this sector which can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

• Products Portfolio for Welding Electrodes Manufacturing.

Lauffer Hydraulic Presses

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LAUFFER presses are marketed in Spain by COMETAL. This company has a valuable record of experience and continuous development for over 40 years of technology for compacting hydraulic presses and sizing. Your customers are located throughout the world and many of them have LAUFFER presses that have been in continuous operation for many decades because of its:

• High precision.
• Reliability.
• Maintenance and troubleshooting on-line or by phone.
• Quick payback.
• Low maintenance costs.

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• Compacting Presses
• Sizing Presses